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Re: Pushing from updates-testing to updates

On 6/1/07, Will Woods <wwoods redhat com> wrote:
1) The QA team (i.e. pretty much anyone who can use bodhi and knows how
to do basic package sanity checking) will go through that list and
verify the packages in the updates.

Sign me up. And you sure as hell better come up with a snarky t-shirt
design and send me one or two.  I imagine we need coverage of all
current releases and primary arches.

"Verifying" a package means doing basic sanity testing - install the
packages, make sure there's no broken dependencies, make sure binaries
run without segfaulting, etc. We'll post package verification guidelines
on the wiki for discussion and refinement.

Aren't these basically the "should" items from the submission review list?
Can you codify the starting list on a wiki page. And perhaps maybe,
some instructions to help people create local emulated test install of
multiple releases/arches on their own system. Perhaps even offer up
pre-defined qemu images that act as the basis for all the manual QA
work. So all the QA community team members can have the same base
install image to work from when checking for correct deps and what
It would be super if I could sit on my x86_64 rawhide box at home and
pull an f7 or f6 QA base image under qemu for 32bit or 64bit and test
packages in updates-testing for correct behavior.


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