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devel builds and desktop-file-utils check


a couple of hours ago I tried to build a new wine release on devel. It failed
because of a valid error in a desktop file s/True/true/ and it was fine. I
kicked a rebuild to see that it fails again (only on devel though) with this

desktop-file-install --vendor=fedora
--dir=/var/tmp/wine-0.9.39-1.fc8-root-kojibuilder/usr/share/applications /builddir/build/SOURCES/wine-notepad.desktop /var/tmp/wine-0.9.39-1.fc8-root-kojibuilder/usr/share/applications/fedora-wine-notepad.desktop:
error: value "Application;Wine;" for key "Categories" in group "Desktop Entry"
contains an unregistered value "Wine" desktop-file-install created an invalid
desktop file!

I guess from the standpoint of the script it is right to complain about this
but putting all wine related programs into a wine folder has been talked about
a while back and agreed to be ok. Especially as wine also created per user wine
dirs which now after a small bugfix in .38-1 get merged with the system menu. 

Could somebody enlighten me how I can force desktop-file-utils to install this
file without killing the build?

- Andreas
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