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Re: Portaudio v19 update

2007/6/19, Matthias Saou <thias spam spam spam spam spam spam spam egg and spam freshrpms net >:

I've updated the devel portaudio package from v18 to v19, since it has
been promoted to "stable" at the end of 2006, which breaks binary

I don't have any packages on my system which require portaudio, but I'm
sending out this email anyway just in case. But note that some
projects possibly required v19 to enable portaudio support, so this
might be the time to give it another look.

Well, i will now be able to enable portaudio support for Wengophone which require v19.
actually i used some patch to make it work with v18 but now it'll work better with v19.
i'll  send you feedback if you  want.



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