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Re: ACL removal day?!

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Steve Dickson wrote:

I would go further. Even for existing packages, package maintainers must specify good reasons for retaining ACL's and that must be documented explicitly in some prominent place.
Does this include all packages like core packages like the kernel, setup
and such? Things that are crucial to the stability of the system?

Sure. Documenting the select set of packages which are considered very critical shouldn't be a problem at all.
Well as long as the maintainer has the final say of what does or
does not go into the package and who is or is not on the ACL list
I guess opening up the critical packages would be Okay... I don't
think its a good idea, but as long as there are some safeguards
that will maintain stability it should be ok...

Just curious... Do (or have) other distro opened up their packages
to the world? I know FreeBSD does not... There is a maintainer
list one need to be on to do commits...  So is Fedora leading
the pack this area??


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