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Re: [Minimizing Fedora] Langpacks for Firefox.

Bill Nottingham wrote:
Rahul Sundaram (sundaram fedoraproject org) said:
Right. Whatever the correct solution is should be applied across the repository instead of complete inconsistency. Openoffice.org with multiple language packs, KDE with a single language pack and Firefox with everything in the same package. Firefox having everything in the same package is a common user complaint in fedora-list and forums especially since it bloats the package to over double the usual size and the extensions are visible in the user interface.

So, you're suggesting picking a fight with every upstream that
does it the wrong way? That will be ... fun.

Not a fight. Act as a bridge for users, collaborate with upstream (considering that we are a active part of upstream in this case) and figure out a good solution that does not bloat the package and have other effects like more resource use or slower speed of startup.

Some of these details are just coming out with good packaging guidelines on how we deal with language packs instead of every group doing it's own thing. There must be more common ground here.


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