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Re: [Minimizing Fedora] Langpacks for Firefox.

On 5/1/07, Rahul Sundaram <sundaram fedoraproject org> wrote:
Bill Nottingham wrote:
> If you want to solve the package size issue, switch to presto;
> this would save the download size much more than splitting
> off packages for language packs would.

I am using it already. Presto only would save sizes on updates. Not the
initial download size or other issues. The bigger problem though is that
Fedora does not have a consistent and documented approach to deal with
language packs throughout the distribution.


Even if we don't end up changing the Firefox package, we need to have
some system in place to handle this eventually. While some people may
think that the difference it will make to FireFox is not worth it, add
that difference up over many packages (including future packages) as
Fedora gets larger, and the problem becomes worth solving now.

To say that 1MB of RAM/traffic/disk space doesn't count, or 1 second
of 3GHz-CPU time is not worth worrying about, is very short sighted
IMO. Even if there are bigger savings to be had in other components
that are other people's responsibility, don't use that as an excuse to
not improve whatever you can. The majority of Fedora and Red Hat
developers ostensibly have fast internet connections, big hard drives,
DVD readers + burners, fast CPUs and plenty of RAM. Sometimes we need
to be reminded that some people only have 128/256MB RAM (when was the
last time you tried to boot Fedora with mem=128 ?), a slow CPU, dialup
and no dvd drive.

Please note, these comments are not to anyone here in particular, so
please don't take them as such. I just felt the need to put in my 2c.


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