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Re: Plan for tomorrows (20070503) FESCO meeting

Josh Boyer wrote:
On Thu, 2007-05-03 at 03:04 +0530, Rahul Sundaram wrote:

Might be worth considering whether we want to do another test release after the merge considering that there are still a number of bugs that look critical flowing in via test list and bugzilla and desktop team has been waiting on the merge to enable some features.

Do you happen to have a list of these bugs somewhere?  Or Will, do you?

Not a handy list of bug reports but there are some ongoing discussions in fedora-test list which does not give me any confidence. The libata changes have rendered some (many?) systems unbootable and some people in the Fedora forum who have been trying out all the F7 test releases have yet to get their system to boot. I did ask them to report bugs but all of them might not be currently tracked in QA.


Recent kernels seems to have regressions - ethernet, sound cards not working etc. Of course this is the test list and it never paints a rosy picture but I think we should do a test release of the merged tree. Desktop team and KDE SIG have been waiting for the merge to do some fairly important changes. If we are you might consider a mass rebuild of packages with disttags too.

Someone closer to development and QA might have a better idea.


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