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Re: Plan for tomorrows (20070510) FESCO meeting

>>>>> "DL" == Denis Leroy  writes:


DL> My thoughts exactly. I don't understand why python is so
DL> special. If there's community interest in a compat package of an
DL> old version of anything (gcc 3.2 for example. it mysteriously
DL> disappeared in FC-6 even though the SRPM is in the repo), just let
DL> people work on the compat packages. There's too much emphasis on
DL> "teaching upstream a lesson", and literally NO emphasis on the
DL> interest to end-users. It sounds like some of you are afraid that
DL> the word will spread about fedora shipping the old python 2.4 and
DL> zope upstream maintainers will suddenly stop all porting
DL> efforts. That's absurd.


There needs to a balance between lags in upstream and the interests of
users.  Bleeding edge shouldn't mean obsoleting things just because
they don't always work with the absolutely latest release of


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