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Re: Announce: No RepoRequests until further notice

Michael Schwendt wrote:

currently won't be processed, since the ongoing merge has made that

Any of the requests on that Wiki page which we've processed in the past
involved direct access to the repository. With koji, things have
changed. And I'm not in the know and cannot tell whether, when, and how it
will be possible again to process such requests. All I can say with my
local installation of koji is that removing a package would also need koji
admin access to untag builds. For the merged Rawhide that can only be done
by the release engineers and not by those who maintained the Extras

Further, for things like copying/hardlinking big noarch builds from devel
to FC-6 or vice versa, we need new policies first. Downloading binary
builds from koji, signing them manually and inserting them into the
Extras repositories would be longwinded and error-prone.


For the vegastrike-data package to get into FC-6 (which it needs to be to stop broken deps) I should request an FC-6 branch and build it there, correct?

I guess I could still leave it disttagless, so that people upgrading from FC6 -> F7 will not need to download 100 Mb just for the fun of it?



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