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Re: Broken upgrade paths in F7

On Tue, 2007-05-15 at 15:56 +0200, Ralf Corsepius wrote:
> > > I really don't have a problem in orphaning these packages, because my
> > > interest in continuing to struggle with packages in Fedora drops by the
> > > minute.
> > 
> > If you were to do so, that would be quite sad.
> You still have your chances to change your workflow to something
> sane, ... or at least to document it. 




Those have been sent out multiple times.

> Right now koji doesn't have any usable documentation nor is the workflow

You keep saying that, but what documentation are you looking for?  From
a maintainers standpoint, all you need to do is 'make build' and follow
the DevelFreezePolicy.

> you are referring to documented anywhere - Not even your contained an
> URL to this documentation.

We've sent the above URLs multiple times to this list.

> I.e. I consider all these EVR breakages rel-eng's fault and it to be
> their job to handle them - period.

If that is your final answer, we will have to come up with some way of
dealing with those packages.  Rahul is asking for them to be pulled from
the repositories.  I had hoped to avoid things like that since it
doesn't really fix anything.

Are you effectively orphaning your packages?

> > And no, rel-eng cannot just tag them for you.  We need some kind of
> > input from the package maintainer as to whether they're safe to enable
> > and make sure they don't break dependencies, etc.
> ... because your work-flow is broken.

Our lack of knowledge about every package that exists has little to do
with workflow.

> You guys should have branched rawhide before the freeze (BTW: you guy

That very well could be.  But the procedure would have still been the

> now also seem to have inconsistencies been rawhide and the buildsystem.
> Yesterday, I was facing packages which built in rawhide but failed in
> the buildsystem).

Which and how did they fail?


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