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Re: Request for comaintainers

2007/5/15, Jochen Schmitt <Jochen herr-schmitt de>:
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I'm search comaintainsers for this packages:

- - aplus-fsf
- - blender
I sure blender might bring some interest!
It has been recently updated to 2.44 (with a bugfix release for 2.43
about x86_64)
I will start to do some work with these version on x86_64...
(quite sure there is a need to break the deep freeze about this
package and x86_64 support...)
I currently maintain aqsis so i'm interested in blender and how it can
interact with it...

- - crossvc
- - gnu-smalltalk
- - gprolog
- - highlight
- - inadyn
- -  kyum
- - lightning
- - luma
- - pdftk
- - steghide
- - stellarium
- - suck

I have some interest in stellarium but i know less others ones...
(i will quick look some of them...)

Nicolas (kwizart)

PS: About kyum, Someone on the french forum reported that it has
deleted my repository definition:  kwizart.repo. I will sanity check
it ... But i'm not a kde user usually...

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