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Re: co maintainance

Oliver Falk wrote:
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Can we make a wiki page for packages that are free for co maintenance.
People who are interested in doing more can go to ONE point and don't
need to dig in the mail archives.

Maybe add it here:

(I would open a new page, if I would be sure there isn't such already.)

The way I think of it should be done:
1) Go to the page and see if there are packages that you use regular and
are willing to co-maintain.
2) Get in touch with the current packager
3) If the current package monkey (!!! :-) ) is fine with you - take the
package from the list and add yourself CC to the owners.list or ask the
main maintainer to do this for you if you feel uncomfortable in doing this.

4) Tell the list about this change.

+1 from myself :-)

Sounds like a good plan to me +1



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