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An alternate proposal to answer the guidelines question.

We were talking about this on #fedora-meeting, and I was asked to write up my answer to the question of how to handle violations of the packaging guidelines.

It seems to me that the fundamental question is: what do I do when I find a packaging problem?

The answer should be:

1) Contact the maintainer about it. Start by filing a bug, work from there. Be reasonable. 2) if the maintainer doesn't respond, or won't fix it and can't satisfy you with any good reasons why not, then send a note to FESCO. Conversely, if you're a maintainer and somebody won't listen to reason about when there is a good reason not to change something, contact FESCO. 3) when FESCO is notified of a problem, they appoint somebody who they trust to do the right thing to arbitrate the dispute. The arbitrator has the right to decide right and wrong here.
4) do what the arbitrator says.
5) if a maintainer still doesn't fix a package, the arbitrator lets FESCO know that we need to start the orphan package process.


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