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Re: Feedback on Fedora Core 4 test 2 review

Karsten Wade wrote:


Since you have students involved, I'll risk the off-topic reply. :)

The solution, aside from writing a few pieces of policy to fix it[1], is
to disable SELinux for the daemon, i.e., Apache.[2]

Unfortunately, too many people are told to entirely disable SELinux.

Thank you for the post, and apologies if this is getting off-topic. But I appreciate the thoughtful reply and the pointers in your post. I had one student this past term with just the issue you mentioned (Apache and SELinux not getting along) and he was finding it hard to get help in the "usual places". The answers came down to "disable SELinux for the daemon", which wasn't an answer for him: his goal was to get SELinux working with Apache!

If it's improved in FC4, again kudos and thank you for taking my post seriously. Erik

[1] To quote myself on writing small policy pieces:

[2] Changing a Boolean setting to disable protection for a daemon:



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