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Re: mentors

I suppose we should ask the developers their opinions on this.  I'm not
sure what response they will give because they are busy.

Since I'm not on the devel mailing list could someone ask them since I
have nothing to contribute in that way to the devel mailing list.


Marc Wiriadisastra

> On Fri, 2005-07-29 at 09:10 +0800, Marc Wiriadisastra wrote:
>> Could it be setup in a way where the posts are done to the forums
>> however
>> the information flow is done through the mailing list.  I know its
>> sortof
>> backwards but a generic bit of info goes to the mailing list.  Where as
>> a
>> specific question can get asked out on the forums.
>> My only problem that I can see is I'm not sure whether there are
>> sufficient developers that visit the fedoraforum.org website.
> This is a good point.
> Users run all over the place for help, and there are more of them, so
> they reach a critical mass more easily.
> Developers are creatures of habit.  A Web based forum is less likely to
> get input than an easy, traditional mailing list.  Gated to a news
> server, of course. :)
> We can ask for easy behavior modifications ("If it sounds like good
> advice, Cc: it to f-mentoring-l"), but we are challenged when we ask for
> new workflows ("All developers, start helping and mentoring on
> fedoraforum.org").
> Paul, your idea makes _sense_, but I don't know if we are in an area of
> senses. ;-)
> - Karsten
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