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Re: Quick question for wiki section.

On Tue, 2005-08-02 at 20:21 -0500, Patrick Barnes wrote:
> For those who haven't noticed, I've been jumping around on the wiki
> trying to spruce the place up a bit.  I have noticed that the Marketing
> section is one of few that doesn't have a group (eg. MarketingGroup).

I don't know if the FooGroup is a standard.  EditGroup, yes.  For FDP,
we have wiki/DocsProject/ ... which is a little informal but works.

We have wiki/Marketing/ and you could use that, unless you see
MarketingGroup as an "about us" kind of page.  So that Marketing would
be focused on marketing, and MarketingGroup (or MarketingProject) would
be focused on who does marketing.

BTW, the greater scheme in the Future, I see Marketing as being a stand-
alone project under the Fedora umbrella.  Doesn't mean we have to call
it the Marketing Project.

>   I
> also think a PressContacts page might be appropriate.  Also, with
> meetings starting to take form, a section with meeting information and a
> spot for meeting notes might also be good.  I would like to bring the
> Marketing section up to spec with some of the other projects.  I just
> wanted to ask before I went about making such an addition as a group
> page.  Any objections/opinions/suggestions?

Yeah, I noticed you making changes, good for you.  

Another advantage of having everything under one WikiName/ is that you
can watch for changes as a wildcard group.  I don't know if this works
if we have Marketing/ and MarketingGroup/ and so forth.  Might make
sense to pick one (whatever we have) and run with that.

- Karsten
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