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Re: Quick question for wiki section.

On Wed, 2005-08-03 at 13:49 -0500, Patrick Barnes wrote:
> I understand your concerns, but I do not share them.  The *Group page
> structure is defined, but not reserved.  MoinMoin will not change
> existing behavior of the *Group pages. 

Ah but you had mentioned that future may bring more functionality to the
Group pages...

>  Having the page existing as a
> measure for future ease does not risk brokenness.  

Yes and no... I'm just of the mind set that using things out of scope
tends to get you burned.  *shrug*

> As for ACL usage, the
> only changes that would be necessary would be the addition of ACLs to
> the *Group page to prevent tampering, and then the addition of ACLs to
> pages that are to be restricted.  It would not be necessary to touch
> every page. 

Right, I meant every page to be limited must be touched, and touched by
an admin.

>  If ever ACLs are used, it will likely only be applied to a
> small subset of pages.  By having this page now, we allow the creation
> of controlled pages within minutes, and without risk.  Your concerns are
> certainly warranted, and the thought you have given to it is certainly
> appreciated, but I have reviewed the issues and feel that this is the
> best way to go.  If someone wants to overrule me on this, I welcome
> their comments, but I really don't see this as a problem.  I just have a
> habit of preparing for the future, and think this is how to do it.

I will leave it up to others to decide as well.  Your views and mine are
now of public matter (:  Neither are incorrect in their own rights, it's
just a matter of opinion.

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