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Re: [Fwd: Fedora looses position in Germany]

On 04/08/05, Jeremy Hogan wrote:
> SUSE has always been strong in Germany, 

And still sells boxes, even in small shops in small cities.

> and Mandrake has always been
> strong in Europe in general (and has a reputation for being an Easy
> Linux.)  I think that would explain the numbers, and if they only have
> room for two distros, there's no room for a third player (which would
> likely be Knoppix in Germany anyway).

It's more than that. EasyLinux (it's not a popular print magazine, is
it?) has been pretty focused on SuSE Linux and Mandrake Linux in the
past. The content of their magazine (also the content of their CD/DVD
compilations) defines their target group.  You [EasyLinux] don't get
any interest from Red Hat Linux or Fedora Core users if you neglect
those distributions. You [EasyLinux] cannot raise interest in your
download section if you only offer a very limited selection of rpms
for FC2, taken from various repositories (like DAG or Freshrpms.net),
when FC3 is current and FC4 is newest.

Where did they announce that online poll? Did they also ask the
subscribers/readers of their more popular "Linux Magazin"?

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