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Re: Someone's missing the point...

On Wed, 10 Aug 2005, Greg DeKoenigsberg wrote:

> I agree with this too -- except that a DVD covers only half of our target.
> What we really need:
> 1. A Live CD;
> 2. A one-CD install;
> 3. A DVD.

Just a reminder that the main problem with DVDs is burning them.
The population that can burn a DVD is far far smaller than those
who can read a DVD which is not IMHO _that_ much smaller than
those who can read a CD.  So distributing only DVDs is not quite
as bad as having only DVDs for download.

> We can spew out all the DVDs we want, but we're getting killed on the
> one-CD install in most of the world.
> My hope is that we make some headway in the Live CD project.  It will do
> two things:
>   a. Give us a Live CD (obviously);
>   b. Give us great tools for selecting the right packages for the one-CD
>      install.
> Darko Ilic of the Live CD project should be putting code up soon.  I'm
> hoping to pull a project together, soon, that focuses on this problem.

Make sure we have a DVD that contains both live and installable
stuff.  Better yet is to be able to install right from inside the
live session.  That's Wooo!  You like it?  Do you want to
install?  You can browse in the browser for problems you may face
at install time, get on the IRC for some live suppor!  AFAIK no
other distro has done that before.  That can be a killer feature,
but a bit harder to get, but not thta much ;).

So, yes, lets go for world domination with FC5. :)

> --g


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