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Re: Someone's missing the point...it's us.


1) Stop spending time on decisions that we don't get to make, e.g..
logos - it's just an example, but there will be more like it.

Logos is a particularly bad example in my opinion since Greg can only convince Red Hat that there is a real interest in the logos from the discussions here. Red Hat tells "No logo " decision. No discussions follows and no logo argument is ever presented to Red Hat. Thats self defeating but we could have started out with defining that "No hat" rule for instance.

2) Build a plan that's actionable, i.e. one that Red Hat's real
marketing team will allow us to execute. Ultimately, any real chances
that we want to take must be approved. Red Hat 2005 isn't the Red Hat
of 1998, and we don't have real autonomy

This is defining the goals and outlining limitations.

3) Market with information, not just hats and t-shirts.  Make it cds,
books, dvds, etc.  Organize speakers for LUGs.  Be one.  That's what
they really need!

That's just for starters.

Thats a good idea but I expect the formation of a foundation to have a significant impact in funding which determines what could be done. right?


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