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Re: Someone's missing the point...it's us.

On Thu, 2005-08-11 at 09:42 -0400, Greg DeKoenigsberg wrote:
> What do we think about ditching "fedora.redhat.com" entirely and making 
> fedoraproject.org the new home for all this stuff?

In general, whatever.  Usual caveats about not killing the old site,

> It's basically happening anyway, due to the inherently limited access to 
> fedora.redhat.com.  Most of the useful content is kept on fp.org these 
> days -- with the exception of docs stuff.

Which happens for the same reason, we don't have a way to host our
documentation on fedoraproject.org.  I know we can ask, but what we have
works fine for now and is currently considered canonical.

> "fedora.redhat.com" would remain as, basically, a paragraph worth of 
> mission statement and a page full of links.

I think we can do that ASAP, which means after we update the page at
fedoraproject.org itself to reflect the new, all-inclusive nature of the
site.  Or something.

> (p.s. I fully expect the docs folks to be livid with that suggestion, 
> heh.)

The only thing I'd be livid at is a suggestion that we ever vaporize
what is hosted at f.r.c/docs.  Google is our friend, but we can't
control the what goes to the top of the search results.  I don't know
about redirect, it's something to discuss.

IMHO, we don't want to go away from a high-end publishing system, and
DocBook is fairly It.  We can have a Wiki front-end, and a Wiki with a
better schema, but many of us are going to continue to do the right
thing.  What's that?  Emacs, DocBook, and CVS baby!

- Karsten
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