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Re: Someone's missing the point...it's us.

On 8/12/05, Greg DeKoenigsberg <gdk redhat com> wrote:

On Fri, 12 Aug 2005, Stuart Ellis wrote:

> Very much so...there's not a lot of positive talking points around, just
> negatives, and so those are what people repeat.  The words "support" and
> "stability" also seem to cause a lot of confusion when they are used,
> regardless of the intent.  Perhaps marketing material should use
> different terms to differentiate things like API stability vs.
> five-nines stability, vs. not crashing in normal use ?
> > But again, "why Fedora"?  For those who are not already converted, it's
> > the most important question we can answer, and as Paul points out, we're
> > not currently doing a very good job of it.
> It might be worth thinking about it in terms of use cases.  It's easy
> for other people to say that "Debian stable is for your servers" or
> "Ubuntu is great for your desktops".  But, "Fedora is for ???"
> For what it's worth, I advocate Fedora as the best distribution for
> teaching and learning Linux - easy setup to get you going, config tools
> that don't interfere with CLI use, cutting edge tech without being
> unstable, everything you learn on your PC transferable to RHEL/CentOS on
> Serious Enterprise Hardware.

I like that one, very bullet-pointy and identifies an immediate
"vertical".  "Teaching and learning Linux."  Any others?

Not everyone wants to learn things about Linux. Example: My dad is running Fedora Core without problems, but he isn't really interested in computers.
"Teaching and learning Linux." - and when you've learnt things about Linux with Fedora, you should move to another distribution ?? I understand what you mean, but maybe others don't (that can cause a new image-problem).

I think we should focus on:
 - "Normal" users, those who just want to use the internet, OpenOffice.org, etc. without problems.
 - Those who want to learn Linux, like you already said.

- Thijs

(Of course, for reasons that must surely appear obvious, I'd rather not
see CentOS mentioned in the same breath as RHEL.  I spend too much time
with lawyers as it is.)


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