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focus and choice

Is it just me, or has anyone noticed that the focus of Fedora has been
influenced by the community?

The "cutting-edge, testing ground for Linux enthusiasts" approach is
being overrun with new users, that is, the Linux curious.

This mirrors my experienced at LWCE this week.  Many of the Linux
curious we talked to were just trying to get a good desktop.  They are
turned to Fedora by their Linux experienced friends.

The influx into our community of these new-to-Linux and Linux curious
has been making changes since very early on.  The success and value of
the various fedora*.tld websites is an example of this.

We did all this while not focusing on those users.  We've been focusing
on the developers, which is arguably pretty important. :)

Our discussions here show that we have recognized these changes as a
given fact.

How far has that recognition gone?  Is it at the tipping point for
developers?  Is there room to grow our formal scope?

We can't deny and embrace at the same time.

- Karsten
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