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Re: Someone's missing the point...it's us.

Looking at this discussion drifting into several different directions
at once--all of which are important, mark ye--I would like to suggest
a bit of structre introduced into the whole thing :)

First, everyone seems to agree at this point in time that the landing
pages do not appeal to anyone but the converts and we need to change

Second, the idea to have f.r.com become a landing page with a *few*
pretty marketing links seems to work for most on the list too. (It
still can link to docs etc from the side nav, but the marketing links
would be on the real estate above first page break--with nice graphics
to go with them) This does not spell death for f.r.c--simply the
addition of a few flashy graphical links to the top of the page, and
so it can be done quickly and with little pain.

Third, these links should answer the following questions:
   What is Fedora?
   Why do I want to use it?
   How do I get it?

I would suggest a couple more links along the lines of:
   Fedora news and events
   Fedora issue of the day (whatever issue we would be pushing at the
moment, we can link it from there--to be used by PR folks)

So if we agree on this, the next steps should be:

1. Form a group of folks with one lead accountable for the result to
sit down and draft answers for the What-Why-How.

2. Discuss the results on this list and in one of the meetings.

3. Finalize the whole thing and build wiki pages for each point.

4. Build graphics and place links on f.r.c and on the landing page of fp.org

I volunteer to start drafting the anwers over the next week--who is with me?


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