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Re: Linux User Groups

> > There are hundreds of LUGs worldwide.  How should we be reaching out to
> > them?

> Have a web page that lists LUGs that /support/ Fedora...

> Have a procedure for getting LUGs hooked up 

> Have a mailing list for contact persons of the LUGs.  

> Set up a way to distribute Fedora CD/DVD...for a very low price among them.

Excellent that we should facilitate LUG involvement, but LUG's
typically don't have a budget.  If they really support Fedora, they
should be getting real materials at no cost.  What do I mean by
"really support Fedora?"

1) Have one yearly Fedora presentation, e.g. a "yearly update."  We
help recruit for this.
2) Fedora listed as a supported distro on their website.  Community
supported, right?
3) They give away or sell Fedora Gear (CD's, DVD's, flip-flops,
whatever) at their events, e.g. installfests, etc.  We provide the
Fedora Gear.

How do we "certify" them?  

1) Make the LUG contact responsible for their support of Fedora.
  a) name on website
  b) mailing list

The real key to making LUG/user-org involvement work is to thwart
apathy at every turn.  Be accessible and encourage leaders.


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