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Re: Linux User Groups

Greg DeKoenigsberg wrote:
So I've got a question.

What should our relationship with LUGs be?

I personally think that, in the UK certainly, the idea of a few Fedora rep's is a good idea. People that can travel to 2/3 different LUGs in their area and give talks, hand out CD's, etc.

I think the idea of selling stuff to the Linux User Groups is a mixed bag - I think CD's and maybe the odd freebie or two (keyrings, stickers, etc) should be 'free' (i.e. if one of the rep's talks at a LUG, they get a set number of freebies to hand out). T-Shirts and stuff should obviously be purchased by the individuals that want them.

LUG's in the UK don't really have much money, if any at all.

There are hundreds of LUGs worldwide. How should we be reaching out to them?

Appearance at community events, free CD's, people giving talks, the usual really... I think a 'hands off' approach of 'we're here if you want us' is better than a full on LUG assault.


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