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Re: Linux User Groups

as a LUG member ....

Alex, where to find your mentioned, outpointed information?

Please excuse but if you don't know, I'm new and a Newbie on this
list :-)

Regards and thanks


Am Dienstag, den 16.08.2005, 11:39 +0200 schrieb Alex Maier:
> On 8/16/05, Jon Fautley <jfautley redhat com> wrote:
> > > There are hundreds of LUGs worldwide.  How should we be reaching out to
> > > them?
> > 
> > Appearance at community events, free CD's, people giving talks, the
> > usual really... I think a 'hands off' approach of 'we're here if you
> > want us' is better than a full on LUG assault.
> > 
> > Thoughts?
> What say we have either
> - a wiki with names of speakers who LUGs can contact and invite to
> their meetings
> - a page on which we have the procedure for inviting the speakers, and
> WE have to pick the speaker for them
> - both
> a

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