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Re: Linux User Groups

OK, so let me actually give a little bit of shape to these ideas from my 

On Tue, 16 Aug 2005, Rahul Sundaram wrote:

> [1] A portal/wiki/forum for LUGs to be listed (with at least 2 contacts
> per LUG)

We can start a LUG section asap and make this a prominent page.  Who wants 
> [2] Small info kit which could be distributed at LUG meets which happen
> at Universities/Schools/Community Centers and the like

A physical kit, or a virtual kit?

> [3] *101 things you did not know about Fedora* - a small piece about the
> project and more importantly *Fedora Core - The Distribution*

This seems like a good idea to me.  This would also make a great handout.  
Maybe we should start this "101 things" page on the wiki, work on it for a 
while, and then when it's baked, we turn it into pretty collateral.  I can 
get help from that end.

> [4] Figure out a way to *sell* Fedora goodies

The biggest blocker here, honestly, is a treasurer.  We could set up a 
Cafe Press store in 15 minutes; the real issue is, who handles the money?  
This is one of the upcoming issues to be resolved by the Foundation, but 
once we're there, I think that this item moves right to the top.

> [5] Have Fedora spokesperson at LUGs. This person interacts on a regular
> basis with the development of the project and is in a position to talk
> about the cool things that make FC nice

Is this spokesperson a member of the LUG, or not?

> [6] Have dedicated BugSquad members from the LUGs

Oh, hell yeah.


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