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Re: Desktop Linux

Karsten Wade wrote:

FWIW, no amount of catering will get people to be unlazy. I tend to agree that a Windows2Linux migration project would be good and helpful, but I already encounter people who were surprised at how easy a modern Linux desktop is to learn. Even if there were a feature-for-feature compatibility and it all looked the same, what would be the value gained for the few stragglers brought along? This value would all be in the hands of the people prepared to sell those new Windows-like desktops to companies, which brings us back to the chicken-egg scenario.

Speaking about migration, I have serious doubts regarding his strategy:

"It will need to install on machines next to Windows, leaving that intact and easy to return to, and carry over all or nearly all of user's data and settings."

Having the "safety" of Windows to return to will decrease the user motivation to migrate.
Also I don't agree with the idea to copy all the settings, for example a GNOME desktop should be leaved with the default GNOME settings, as it was designed, trying to made it behave like Windows will produce only an inconsistent and hard to use desktop.

PS: I guess the title is wrong, , instead of "Linux not ready for the desktop" it should be "GNOME not ready for the desktop" or "KDE not ready for the desktop"


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