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Meeting Minutes (19/08/2005)

(yes, skewed to my TZ, its really 18/08/2005 for the rest of you)

Fedora Marketing Meeting (Fri Aug 19 01:03:09 EST 2005)

Colin Charles (byte)
Bob Jensen (StillBob)
Chris Negus (cnegus)
Kazunari Hirano (khirano)
Rahul Sundaram (mether)
Karsten Wade (quaid)
Behdad (behdad)
Greg DeKoenigsberg (gregdek)
Jeremy Hogan (jhogan)
Steven Garrity (sgarrity)

Alex Maier


 * Fedora Mentors (http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Mentors). Start with
each project, Karsten did the Docs Project this week. All steering
members are encourage to put names on Mentors wiki page, and contact
anyone who has introduced or lurked there.

	- to market, each sub project has leads/sub-leads. Shoot off mail to
them. Then a massive announcement to fedora-maintainers and
	- covers engineering and packaging, how do i write patches, how do I
contribute?  how do I find the people who get stuff done? what is
verbotten in the Fedora community?

ACTION: Colin to contact lead/co-lead of projects/sub-projects in
Fedora, to inform them of mentors. Look to hand this off to Mark.

 * Hole in FUDCon London 2005 schedule - Greg suggests a BOF, and Greg
will lead the BOF.

ACTION: Greg to tell Alex he's going to do that

 * Community Marketing Contacts - based on openoffice.org,
http://marketing.openoffice.org/contacts.html. Triage is part of the
outreach program. 
<gregdek> What's a list of CMC responsibilities?
<bytee> yes, so, we have a "global" lead and "regional" leads.
<bytee> gregdek: people the press can talk to, handle LUG talks
<bytee> provide informational talks at unis
<bytee> hand out flyers
<bytee> organise events (like Red Hat meetup)
<gregdek> Do CMCs get together for meetings like this one?
<bytee> for starters, i think those are good expectations. I will write
this up all more coherently, and send to list

 - Greg/jhogan (FIGHT! ;-)) volunteers to be the CMC for South East US
 - Bob volunteers for Mid West US
 - Karsten has Silicon Valley/Central California
 - Mether and Tejas for India

ACTION: Colin to mangle responsibilities and market it

 * Swag skipped

 * Logo: Greg says its awaiting more treatments at the agency :)

 * ACTION: Bob to create list of Fedora sites. Place it on

 * Steve: Welcome Windows users, provide some form of transition kit.
Karsten mentions this is beyond the scope of Docs, but if there existed
a tool in Fedora, it can be documented. OpenMoveover.sf.net is
suggested, for settings migration. 
 ACTION: Punt to -marketing-list for more ideas

 * Rahul wants to "market" the idea of enabling legacy group by default
in the installer

 * Steve:  I'm a bit late on this, but a have a suggestion for FUDcon -
invite a Ubuntu-er and Novell-er, etc. to talk about what they might be
doing in their distros that might be interesting for Fedora. Karsten
tops that with someone from openSuse.org, and Greg finds it

Colin Charles, http://www.bytebot.net/

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