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Re: Free Java: Sun Struggles to Come to Terms with Open Source


In your recent article regarding open-sourcing Java, you stated that
many distributions, including Fedora, lack support for Java as a
development language and runtime environment.  This is actually not the
case.  Fedora Core 4 includes support for the GCJ Java implementation. 
This is an entirely open-source Java compiler and runtime
implementation.  Although it is not feature-complete when compared to
Sun's current offerings, it is providing an alternative for Sun's Java
for many purposes with Fedora.  As progress continues on the GCJ
implementation, Fedora users can enjoy being among the first to have a
pre-installed, open-source alternative to Sun's Java.  It would be much
appreciated if you would place a note about this in your article.

Thank you.

Patrick "The N-Man" Barnes
nman64 n-man com


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