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Re: Wording of Legal Issues myth

On Sun, 2005-08-21 at 03:41 -0500, Patrick Barnes wrote:
> I thought I might add that the current version of the FedoraMyths page
> does address that the programs can be extended with third-party plugins,
> to about the fullest extent it can without concerns:
> "Thanks to the extensibility of these media players, if there are
> plugins for additional formats that are legal in your jurisdiction, you
> may install them separately."
Ah -- I don't know how but I missed that sentence when I read the
updated version.  Thanks.

> We really can't go into detail beyond that without creating risks.  I
> know that this may not seem like an ideal solution, especially to users
> outside of the United States, but this is really all we can do.

The ForbiddenItems page is much more explicit:
  Of course, the logical followup is: But I want to get foo and do bar,
  how can I do one of the items listed above?

  The unofficial [WWW]http://fedorafaq.org provides useful answers on
  commonly asked questions. 


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