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Re: Wording of Legal Issues myth

On Sun, 2005-08-21 at 03:31 -0500, Patrick Barnes wrote:
> If you wish to write a guide for
> the alternates, you must keep this in mind.  I would strongly encourage
> you to work with someone on the Docs Project if you wish to do this.

Formal Fedora documentation is only about what ships in Fedora,
regardless of legal obstacles.  Ask me again in a few years about
documenting things outside of Core and Extras, once we have all the good
stuff included.

How about this as a non-solution?  Toshio can write up an explanation of
how media players work with plug-ins, and post that as a Wiki page.
Nothing explicit about third-parties and patents, just that it is
extensible and how it works/what to look for.  This solves the problem
of trying to show users what their tools can do.  If they want to use
that tool for something illegal, such as playing music too loudly after
local quiet hours are enforced ...

Perhaps somewhere in FedoraMyths there could be a link from "supported
players" to this page.  Standard useful linking to useful information.

- Karsten
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