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Re: Interesting online locations to buy or listen to ogg vorbis or flac.. legally

Jeff Spaleta wrote:

Moving discussion from the -devel-list...

On 8/22/05, Rahul Sundaram <sundaram redhat com> wrote:


  I'd argue,  however,  that "positive propaganda" is the right
strategy here too:  if RH (and much of the OS community) takes the
principled stand of providing a free media stack,  it ought to put a
little bit of energy into promoting free media formats -- for
instance,  it would be nice to see a web site promoting the Ogg Vorbis
streams that are out there,  just as there are sites promoting the SBR


That does seem like a good idea to me. If you got other areas that we
can improve the the promotion of free media formats, do post to the
fedora-marketing list.

So to get a good start at promoting open formats how about we make an exhaustive list of websites which are either offering open format streams or open format files for purchase.

My offering to such a list are:

http://www.mindawn.com/  ogg and flac music to purchase
http://www.telltaleweekly.org/   audiobooks in mp3/aac AND ogg

Anyone else know of any other interesting places to get ogg vorbis legally?

It doesnt really stop there. Ogg music stations. Creative commons licensed stuff. Gaming cards that dont require a proprietary driver. Wireless drivers that are known to work nicely with mainline kernel support. Anything at all that helps us promote the use of Free and open source software and help people stay away from the "Forbidden Items" should be considered. Lets talk about them all


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