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Re: Logo -- expanding the element idea more ... Fc, Fe, Fl, etc...

On 23/08/05, Mike MacCana wrote:
> Not sure if I mentioned how much I love these element logos before.
> They are original, elegant, convey Fedora's status as a leading edge
> Linux distro, and are nice and simple.

No special interest in damping down everyone's enthusiasm, but in my
opinion these "element style logos" don't just look amateurish, the
whole design is questionable.

What would be needed is either a single unique possibly abstract
logo/symbol for the Fedora Project (or well, the Fedora Foundation in
the future), something memorable, recognisable, like "Shadowman" for
Red Hat, "N" for Novell, the abstract "@" for Debian,  the chamaeleon
for SuSE. Or simply a standard font/design for the letters and
colouring of a textual logo. A clear design which is used on all
project pages and all official partner's sites.

To come up with individual logos for every sub-project and every
distribution release version is a bad idea. In particular, the "C"
from Fedora Core must always be a capital letter. No mixing of big "F"
and small "c", please.

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