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Re: Logo -- expanding the element idea more ... Fc, Fe, Fl, etc...

> No special interest in damping down everyone's enthusiasm...

And somehow that dampening effect is felt, even though I have no
personal stake in the "element" design.

> What would be needed is either a single unique possibly abstract logo/symbol for the Fedora Project ...

I think we're past that point.  If I were Jeff Spaleta, I'd threaten
to deliberately derail this discussion, but I'm not so I'll let it
fizzle itself out.

> In particular, the "C" from Fedora Core must always be a capital letter. No mixing of big 
> "F"and small "c", please.

Must it?  I disagree.  FWIW, I think the capital "C" conveys a
connection to C[arbon].  Carbon's ability to form chains is thought to
be an important reason for the dependance of life on this element. 
That's a powerful analogy for what we want Fedora Core to be.

Besides, we're not permitted to use any hats and so I rather like the
lower case downplaying of the fedora "f".

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