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Re: Logo -- expanding the element idea more ... Fc, Fe, Fl, etc...

Matt Frye <mattfrye gmail com> wrote:
> I think we're past that point.  If I were Jeff Spaleta, I'd
> threaten to deliberately derail this discussion, but I'm
> so I'll let it fizzle itself out.

I just offered my slight modifications since I just joined
the board.

> Must it?  I disagree.  FWIW, I think the capital "C"
> conveys a connection to C[arbon].  Carbon's ability to form
> chains is thought to be an important reason for the
> dependance of life on this element.  That's a powerful
> analogy for what we want Fedora Core to be.

Hmmm, pretty good analogy.

> Besides, we're not permitted to use any hats and so I
> rather like the lower case downplaying of the fedora "f".

BTW, it could be that the "element" logo is the small/short
version of the logo.  I think it's a quick'n dirty way to
convey both repository and version, possibly currency.  E.g.,
"Legacy" when a version has been made Legacy.

There are lots of games one could play with the design.

You could _always_ come up with a fancy, "larger logo" for
more completeness.  I just like the element logo because it's
direct and detailed without overloading the viewer.

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