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Re: Logo -- expanding the element idea more ... Fc, Fe, Fl, etc...

On 8/23/05, Bryan J. Smith <b j smith ieee org> wrote:
> Alex Maier <lxmaier gmail com> wrote:
> > Normally, one logo should be enough for anybody :)
> It would be nice to have a logo for news, updates and other
> information that immediately told you what version,
> repository, etc... that was affected.
> A few vendors do such with their products.

a versionable logo does have this advantage... but you also want to
make sure there is a usable logo that is interesting enough to be
distinctive without the versioning information for general PR gear. 
I'm equally fond of the puppy, the stylized fc "hat" as well as the
element concept but for different reasons for each.

I think the puppy is flexible and would very useful to create a palet
of icons to be used in the growing official documentation and is
frankly very "friendly" and appealing to what i consider a
non-hardcore crowd.  Perhaps a little too busy to make a good
black-and-white logo or to be used at 24x24.

I think the stylized "not-a-hat" hat, made up of the f and c letters
has a certain style has a double meaning aspect that i crave. It would
be easily re-usable on gear such as baseball caps or anthing that
needed to be stitched and because of its minimal stroked style would
look reasonable on black and white or small scales.

I think the element idea is the most..functional..but also the most
cold in terms of style and approachability.  I don't get the warm and
fuzzies from the element like i do the puppy. Or the "aha" moment when
i see the "not-a-hat" hat as i realize its a hat..but not really and I
ponder the deep subtle meaning there. The element screams "distro for
science geeks", which personally I have no problem with since I'd love
to be the target audience for a change of pace. Though if I were I
fear my ego would expand to encompass all of the habitable space on
the planet and the rest of humanity would be forced to travel to mars
to rebuild human civilization.


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