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Re: Logo -- dog wearing fedora hat with blue gradient "box" in front, then zoom in on box ...

Jeff Spaleta <jspaleta gmail com> wrote:
> I think the puppy is flexible

I love dogs.  Unfortunately, the puppy connotates
"immaturity."  Not all Fedora Core versions are immature,
just like old Red Hat Linux .1+ revisions were not.  I'd
rather use a full dog -- something conntating business but
not too much.

I'm a huge fan of pugs (I thought they were stupid looking
before I had one -- most people do until they have one). 
Maybe a Fedora hat on a Pug with the slogan:  

  Putting a new [community] face on an old [trusted] dog

(not sure if the "community" and "trusted" should go in
there, might make it too long for a slogan).

> I think the stylized "not-a-hat" hat, made up of the f and
> c letters has a certain style has a double meaning aspect 
> that i crave ...
> I think the element idea is the most..functional..but also
> the most cold in terms of style and approachability.

Or you could put the element box on the front of a Fedora
(style hat) as the official logo.  Maybe the element part is
abstract so you can't read it, and it would only be legible
when only the element box is shown.

So you have the dog (pug ;-) with the Fedora hat and the
Fedora hat has a gradient/blue box on the front but you can't
read it other than a little white on it (where the text would
normally be -- maybe only the large "F" or "C" is visible). 
That is the "main" logo for large print/usage.

For the annotated, "in-the-corner" more technical usage, then
you have the "up-close" element box with readable
letters/numbers.  It would be more for more technical
documentation, press releases, etc... -- again, "in the
corner" type usage where you want to convey what you are
talking out to your viewer/reader in a glance.

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