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Re: Unfortunate articles


Hi Rahul and Fedora marketeers in general!

I'm Andy, the guy who wrote 'that' review and also co-authored FC4 Unleashed.

Welcome to the marketing group. I have already gone through the copy of the review you send me. I will write in a response soon. Having you within the project itself makes this easier I guess ;-)

I've had the go-ahead from Sams to work on the FDP which is good news for me, and hopefully the FDP.


As for marketing, well I work for one of the largest specialist interest publishers in the UK, Future, and they have a range of computing titles which could potentially cover Fedora in their tutorials. I'm guessing that this would be something that you guys might be interested in pursuing?

Let me know and I can contact a few editors to sound them out...

I cant imagine us letting go of a wonderful opportunity like that. Sure. Go ahead


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