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Re: Who's the Fedora user?

Rahul Sundaram wrote:

I'm going to suggest a moving to Fedora from Windows FAQ for absolute newbies, but I'm going to do this on the docs-list.

A more comprehensive guide with a list of equivalent applications, how to migrate data etc would be quite useful. Lets focus on that


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A more comprehensive list opens up the fear factor for newbies - do I really want to include things like MS Exchange replacements, SQL Server replacements etc etc when all the end user wants to know is where did Word go? If we were to provide a comprehensive list then it suddenly becomes more daunting when the new user gets hold of it.

I agree in principle that a comprehensive list of Linux alternatives to popular Windows based software is a good idea. I just think that a sub-set of this could be created with the express purpose of giving someone like Judy/Sue an easy to read introduction that briefly describes each Linux alternative with enough information to get her started and to get her looking for further information elsewhere.



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