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Re: Who's the Fedora user?

Andrew Hudson <webmanagement gmail com> wrote:
> A more comprehensive list opens up the fear factor for
> newbies - do I really want to include things like MS
> Exchange replacements, SQL Server replacements etc etc when
> all the end user wants to know is where did Word go? If we
> were to provide a comprehensive list then it suddenly 
> becomes more daunting when the new user gets hold of it.

I agree.  Don't try to make an "all-in-one" FAQ.
Break it up into:  
- Linux for Windows Users
- Linux for Windows Enthusiasts
- Linux for Windows Developers
- Linux for Windows Internet Administrators
- Linux for Windows LAN Administrators
- Linux for Windows Database Administrators

It's important that you separate Internet and LAN, or even
database, concepts.  Nothing makes me roll my eyes more than
people who only have experience with Internet services trying
to help Windows people who run LAN file/print services or
ACID databases.

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