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Re: Who's the Fedora user?

On Wed, 2005-08-24 at 19:07 -0400, Jeff Spaleta wrote:
> > RSS ?
> Several feeds already exist...take a look at the input feeds at
> http://fedoraproject.org/infofeed/

I'd missed those - thanks.

> I'm wary that the amount of information that floats by about all the
> 'new' packages that enter Extras is overwhelming to the average
> computer user, and I want to do something primarily to make average
> users aware of things they are iterested in..without overwhelming them
> with information about every single perl package that makes it into
> the tree. I think a trickle of targetted notification can be more
> useful than a flood about everything that is going on. Just like when
> we check for updates in yum or up2date, we dont tell users about ALL
> updates..just the "interesting" ones for the client system.

Yes - I was thinking in terms of the "people like reviewers" point:
having RSS feeds of Fedora news there by default may be a nice feature
for people actively interested in New Cool Stuff.

Although there is vast amounts of Free Software now out there, I wonder
how many desktop apps are really polished enough to be promoted to your
average pragmatic user ? If we short listed just the stuff in Extras
that met certain criteria (usability, stability, desktop integration
etc.) we might find that we have a manageable list that changes fairly


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