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Re: Who's the Fedora user?

Michael Schwendt wrote:

On 24/08/05, Patrick Barnes wrote:

One of the complaints we hear the most is about games that do not work.
Because Windows and Linux are different operating systems, Linux cannot
run programs that were built for Windows.

Old Linux games don't work either, since newbies simply don't know where to get missing compatibility libraries.

As an alternative, there are
many games available for Linux. A lot of these are available as packages
for Red Hat's distribution. There is a big advantage here: they're free!

Please don't turn your reply into a joke. "There are many games
available for Linux"? Huh? Really? Linux is not even at the beginning
of being a competitor in the games market.

They might be not very competitive 3D shooter ones but there are certainly many games for Linux. Apart from ones included in GNOME and KDE, even Fedora Extras has a small collection


I am sure other gamers could point to you several Linux gaming websites for more.

If there are games for Windows that you really want to get running, you
can look into Transgaming's Cedega. This is a commercial program that
may be able to get some of your Windows games running under Linux.

Do you have special experience with this to back up your "may be able"
theory? I would be very (!) careful with a statement/recommendation
like that.

Why?. Its a well known fact that cedega runs a lot of Windows games. They have a public list


Its a recommendation from one users to another. I dont see a reason to make a big fuss about it

One of the best ways to really get moving with Linux is to get in touch
with the community.

Right. And seek for a real dialogue, not just poorly written letters
which lack any details and give the impression of somebody doing some

I find your response too harsh in general. If you do have to be critical there are much better ways to go about doing it


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