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Re: Who's the Fedora user?

Michael Schwendt <mschwendt gmail com> wrote:
> Old Linux games don't work either, since newbies simply
> don't know where to get missing compatibility libraries.

Actually, I disagree.  If you do a full install, the
compat-libs are just fine.

My Fedora Core 3 still seems to run all games going back to
Red Hat Linux 7, and a few for Red Hat Linux 6.  It's really
more of a pre/post GCC 3 / GLibC 2 thing than a Red Hat

> Please don't turn your reply into a joke. "There are many
> games available for Linux"? Huh? Really? Linux is not even
> at the beginning of being a competitor in the games market.

Depends on your viewpoint.

First off, games are _razor_thin_ margins and it is _not_ a
profitable industry unless you do volume.  As much as I thank
Loki for their attempts, it was a pipe dream.  It wasn't
because of pirating, God knows I spent $300 on Loki products
(and not just the "leftover bin" but _full_price_) and I know
others did too.

Secondly, Linux _is_ the predominate, leading gaming
development platform.  The Sony PS2 and Nintendo GameCube
development systems are GNU/Linux.  And Maya and other 3D
tools dominate the mid-to-high-end gaming landscape.  The
problem is support, not ports.

So, lastly, there _are_ a number of game ports for Linux. 
Yes, some don't come about until the engine releases their
code GPL, but others are done under NDA.  No, you typically
don't get them in the box -- only the Unreal Tournament 2003+
releases seem to ship a Linux binary in the box, but they are

Linux gaming is the console.  I don't see it dominating the
desktop.  Heck, even my only Windows system in my house is my
X-box, and consoles are better.

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