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Re: Who's the Fedora user?

On 26/08/05, Patrick Barnes wrote:
> Most games that are available
> for Linux will run on current Fedora versions, even without
> compatibility libraries.  Take a look at the selection in Extras, and
> visit happypenguin.org.  The few that do require compatibility libraries
> will usually work on a Fedora full install anyway, thanks to the
> inclusion of the compat libs.

What are we talking about? Open Source games programmed by hobbyists
or commercial games?

As for "the selection in Extras", I don't monitor games in there.
Well, I've taken over development and maintainership of the "Battle
for Wesnoth" package some time ago because the primary package owner
cannot commit to cvs. But hey, none of the games in Extras can compete
with the big selling titles which the usual game freak would love to
play as soon as they are sold and tested in print magazines.

> >>One of the best ways to really get moving with Linux is to get in touch
> >>with the community.
> >>
> >>
> >
> >Right. And seek for a real dialogue, not just poorly written letters
> >which lack any details and give the impression of somebody doing some
> >role-playing.
> >
> >
> Now that's just rude.

No, it's a quick reality check. Maybe you misunderstood it. But you
take such a letter to Red Hat Magazine far too serious. That's IMHO.
YMMV.  There is no silver bullet for dealing with input like that. 
Don't assume that a single reply, however long it may get, will
satisfy "Judy D.", who did not even have the courage to sign the
letter with her full name. She's misinformed about "Linux" in so many
ways and throws in a few things which you take as a bait.

> I would like to see you write a better letter
> given the limited amount of information. 

That's it, "limited amount of information". The amount is so terribly
limited, get her into a dialogue if you are really serious about
trying to contact her. Analyse her problems step by step. She mentions
"things she cannot do", "a plugin she would like to have", "mail she
cannot open". Gosh! How vague and poorly written can a mail to Red Hat
be? Has she spent more than a minute on writing that letter? Did she
really expect a reply for such a lousy letter? Has she ever before
visited a Linux related message board or mailing-list?

> The fact that you chose to
> nitpick on the games shows where your interests are. It would be
> foolish to attempt to go into greater detail regarding the games.  

Quote: "To tell you the truth I feel totally lost in your system.  I
cannot use my CDs that have games.  I downloaded a game I had paid
for.  No way could I get it to work. "

Problems with games is not only her major complaint, it is a common
complaint elsewhere, too.

> As
> far as role-playing, I would like to know just what role you think I am
> playing.

Not you, "Judy D.". It's really amazing IMO. Such a lousy letter, and
big activity here.

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