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Re: [Re: Fedora Foundation around the world]

Hi Folks,

Just a few points from a non-native English speaker...

On Mon, 2005-08-29 at 11:04 -0400, Jeremy Hogan wrote:
> FWIW I think #1 is counter to the point of Fedora. If we do it right,
> this won't need to be true. In fact, Red Hat's (real and perceived)
> holding on so tightly to the reigns is probably 80% of what's not gone
> right with this project.
> There is tremendous power to a mix of RH and non-RH spokespeople, the
> most obvious of which is that folks have to take anything a RH staff
> member says with the "publicly held always-for-profit" grain of salt.


> As long as the spokespeople are informed,

That's exactly the point I am trying to make. I was asked for input on
the idea of Community Marketing Contacts being enough for global input.

Well, how many fluent languages are represented within the current
selected group? What's the possible global coverage by these people?

Whoever the spokespeople are, how do you intend to overcome the language
barriers to keep them well informed?

> The important thing is that we are in sync with RH on what the core
> message is, and how to speak about RHs involvement. If we trust the
> message, we can trust the messenger.

You probably can. But, do you intend to spread the message only in

Who would you trust to adapt the message into different languages, and
make sure it is in sync with RH?

Thanks for listening!

David Barzilay

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