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Re: [Re: Fedora Foundation around the world]

On Tue, 2005-08-30 at 11:27 +1000, David Barzilay wrote:

> > As long as the spokespeople are informed,
> That's exactly the point I am trying to make. I was asked for input on
> the idea of Community Marketing Contacts being enough for global input.
> Well, how many fluent languages are represented within the current
> selected group? What's the possible global coverage by these people?
> Whoever the spokespeople are, how do you intend to overcome the language
> barriers to keep them well informed?
> > The important thing is that we are in sync with RH on what the core
> > message is, and how to speak about RHs involvement. If we trust the
> > message, we can trust the messenger.
> You probably can. But, do you intend to spread the message only in
> English? 
> Who would you trust to adapt the message into different languages, and
> make sure it is in sync with RH?

Is this something the translation team might be interested in?

We've discussed creating "marketing packs" or "FUDCon in a box" that has
the pieces and directions to hosting a local Fedora event.  These can be
very standardized.  They can be created collaboratively via a Wiki, and
we can use DocBook (slides and book) to create the final format,
allowing us to use the translation process as-is.

- Karsten
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