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Re: Fedora marketing - Logos

On Sun, 2005-08-28 at 16:23 -0500, Patrick Barnes wrote:
> Fabian M. Schindler wrote:

> >
> > - Blue is a "must" as it is already established as the "Fedora-color".
> >
> > - The circle shape is used as a reference to the RedHat logo, which is
> > round, too. As Fedora is a testbed for RedHat, it is only logical to
> > tie both Distributions one to another without making the logos twins.
> >
> > - The "F" got curved/smoothed down in order to make it look more dynamic.
> >
> > - At the "foot" of the Fedora-F there is enough space left for
> > additions to the logo: Core, Extras, Legacy, etc.
> >
> > - The Fedora-Core logo (as seen in the sketch) will have the current
> > number of the Fedora release added in a very light grey/silver shade.
> > This adds some distinction to the logo without distracting the overall
> > look.

I like this one, but doesn't it look like the Fantastic Four logo?

I already have a hard enough time writing/saying "FF" to refer to the
Fedora Foundation.  Are we prepared to take the concept further?

- Karsten
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