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Re: FUDpub?

Paul Stauffer wrote:
Sorry to be a pain, but the United States has restrictions on those
being under-21 years of age from attending a pub (I believe)

If we do hit a pub, can we find a friendly one, that will allow those
that are under-21 years of age to get in, even if its not to serve
alcohol (but Coca Cola)?

Not a problem; most pubs in Massachusetts will still admit under-21 folks.
They usually don't ask for ID unless you order alcohol.

My experience in the Boston pub scene, which is quite extensive, is that under-21 folks will not be getting into any pubs on a Friday. The pubs will be too busy, the carding will be done at the door.

But yes, Paul, go ahead, organise it. It'll be informal, and we're going
to do signups soon, so we'll have better numbers later. Post-FUDCon

Cool.  Once we have some idea of numbers, I'll check around at a few nearby
places and make sure they wouldn't mind a large influx of geeks on a Friday
evening. :)

The last time I had an under-21 friend in town, a couple of years ago, the only place that worked out was Jillians. It's a bit flashy, but a side benefit for all attendees from out of town is that they can walk by Fenway Park, which is right across the street.

Patrick Paul
Systems Administrator
BioMicro Center, MIT 68-371
patpaul mit edu

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